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ABSOLUTE ALUMNI – Special Offer!

Calling all ABSOLUTE ALUMNI – this Special Offer is for you!

$99.00 for 6 weeks of unlimited adult dance and fitness classes!


Special offer applies to any former client of Absolute Dance.
Offer is valid from February 1, 2018 – March 22, 2018.
All passes activate upon payment. Passes expire 6 weeks after activation or June 10, 2018, whichever may come first.

Get our all-access pass for only $99! Purchase here.

Please note that all passes are non-transferable. Learn more about our Absolute Dance policies here.

Join us August 29th – 31st for our August Intensive Bootcamp 

July Acro & Contemporary Workshop



Join us June 13th-15th and June 20th-22nd for our June Competitive Bootcamp.
Open to the YYC dance community, contact us for specific schedule. Drop ins welcome!


Join us Sunday, May 7th!
Workshop times can be found on our Facebook and Instagram page!

Sharing Dance

Absolute Dance Inc. is pleased to announce an exciting community partnership alongside Canada’s National Ballet School and their Sharing Dance 2017 initiative. 

One of 38 Canada 150 Signature Projects—funded in part by the Government of Canada through the Canada 150 Fund, and with Shaw Communications Inc. as presenting partner—Canada’s National Ballet School’s (NBS) Sharing Dance Canada 2017 will share and showcase Canada’s history, cultural richness and diversity through dance, while also bringing together and empowering communities across the country to share their stories of what it means to be Canadian.

The team at Absolute Dance is thrilled to participate in this event. Participants will get fit and have fun learning a specially choreographed dance over a 3-month period.  Rehearsals will begin March 8th and happen weekly until early June.  Team Absolute Dance will then take part in Dance Day events in Calgary beginning June 2nd and will perform the routine as a flashmob. 

Registration and participation is free and open to anyone and everyone interested.  Rehearsals will be held at Absolute Dance and led by Jennelle Watson, an alumnus of the National Ballet School and faculty member at Absolute Dance.  Jennelle says, “I am thrilled to be part of this Canada wide project.  This is not a “ballet dance” but a piece of creative movement choreography that does a wonderful job reflecting the diversity of our country and the Canadian landscape.  I am so eager to share this experience with dancers and non-dancers alike and to help offer an experience that is both active, artistic and not always available or accessible to everyone.”

Everyone is invited to participate in this unique and fun event right here in Calgary.  Get healthy, active & artistically engaged!  Register as an individual, a family, as a group of friends, or even as workplace, and join in the fun! 

You can register at  You will be asked to sign a waiver at Absolute Dance prior to attending classes.  When registering yourself online you will be asked for donations which go back into funding future Sharing Dance projects.  Donations are entirely optional.

Classes at Absolute Dance will be held Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm and Saturdays 3-4pm beginning March 8th.  What is covered on Wednesday will be covered again on Saturday, so feel free to pick which day suits you best. Should you need a refresher or can’t make it to class, learn the entire routine online at your own pace. 

The National Ballet and Absolute Dance are so excited to be celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday doing what we love best – dance!  Come out and join in on the fun.  Sharing Dance 2017 promises to be an event you won’t want to miss.

The Team at Absolute Dance

Sharing Dance 2017 – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Flashmob?
A Flash Mob is a large public gathering where people perform an unusual or seemingly random dance and then disperse, typically organized by means of the Internet or social media.

Imagine being in a park, in a mall or on a busy pedestrian street and seeing people all around you, dressed in street clothes, suddenly begin to do this dance… Dance/Videos/The-2017-Choreography

What if I want to learn the dance and get some exercise, but don’t want to be part of the Flash Mob?
That’s OK! Come to any or all the free open classes. Learn via the videos http://www.nbs- . Its really about having fun and getting active!

If I miss a class or two, how will I catch up?
Follow our very own sharing dance instructor, J Watson Dance on Facebook at and keep up to date about what was covered in each class and which video you can watch on line to get caught up.

Where and when is the Flash Mob going to take place?
The exact date and location for Calgary’s Dance Day event is still up in the air.  Sharing Dance events across Canada will begin the week of June 2nd.  Stay tuned for more information.

How will I learn the dance?
Each week a few sections will be covered depending on who is in attendance. Ideally each class will spend the first part reviewing what was previously covered and then another section or two would be added. Towards the end of the hour participants will have time to repeat the complete dance from start to finish. They are welcome to bring video if they would like to video the instructor or themselves for at home practice.

The material covered on each Wednesday class will be repeated on Saturday’s class.

What kind of dance is it?
The Sharing Dance routine was choreographed for anyone to participate. It is movement choreography with thematic movements that are guided by ideas that suit all things Canada. There are sections of “structured improv” where participants will be given specific guidelines to work within but freedom to do what they feel comfortable doing within that. People who might be less physically able are welcome to omit jumps, focus mainly on the upper body and body alignments or do the whole thing from a seated position.

 What if I start half way through the rehearsal period?
You can watch all the videos on line if you wish to learn the entire routine or, since this will be done as a Flash Mob, you can just jump in and join from the point you have started to learn with a class.

Do I need special clothing or footwear?
Come wearing something comfortable to move in. Gym clothing would be suitable. Clean running shoes or sneakers would allow for the safest mobility. Jazz shoes are also great however the dance will be done outside so anticipate wearing a street shoe while you are practicing.

Do I have to come to class at the same location each week?
You are welcome to attend any Sharing Dance class in Airdrie or Calgary and you are welcome to attend as many as you like each week. Jennelle Watson will be teaching at the Airdrie locations and at Absolute Dance so the material covered each week will be quite similar between those locations. Decidedly Jazz Danceworks and the Wildflower Arts Centre are also hosting classes but have a different rehearsal period. If you make it out to one of their classes expect a different teacher and that the group may be working from a different spot.

Do I have to do fundraising?
No. You don’t have to. But if you’d like to, you’ll be supporting Canada’s National Ballet School and the Sharing Dance program.