Adult Classes

Absolute Fitness’ goal is to offer a unique experience that inspires our community to live a happy and healthy life! Our qualified, motivating instructors promise to deliver classes that will boost your overall confidence and energy.  Workouts that will sculpt, lengthen and strengthen your muscles all while incorporating cardio to burn those calories.


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Check out our full list of classes and descriptions.  Do more of what you love and join our group dance & fitness classes! Classes are subject to change throughout the session. 

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Learn the poise and balance of this classic style.

Tuesday 7:15-8:15pm



This class will focus on core work, flexibility and some ballet-inspired, basic barre exercises. No dance experience is required. Comfortable clothes should be worn that don’t restrict movement and socks rather than dance shoes.

Monday 7:15-8:15pm
Thursday 8:15-9:15 pm


Tone & sculpt with the art of tease! This fun approach to fitness will not only boost self-confidence but will have you sweating and feeling sexy.

Check back for this class in Fall 2018



This class will consist of a full body workout with key points being core, legs, arms and glutes.  Along with all the benefits of a full cardio workout you would also be toning muscle, and conditioning muscle memory through drilling certain Kickboxing combos with the resistance of pads.

Check back for this class in Fall 2018!


This form of dance is a fusion of contemporary movement and ballet technique. You will work on core strength, floor work and combinations. This class consists of a warm-up, floor and core work, progressions across the floor and combinations.

Check back for this class in Fall 2018!



This popular, urban-based dance form is usually performed to Hip-Hop or R&B music. Introducing several styles of hip hop dance, the class will include new choreography every week. Bring the cool vibes back into your heart, this hip hop class will leave you sweating and boost your overall confidence and energy.

Check back for this class in Fall 2018!



Improve your physical strength, flexibility, posture & enhance mental awareness with our Pilates fusion class. We love the benefits of Pilates and want to share them with you!

Tuesday 8:15-9:15pm


POUND Fitness

Designed to rapidly increase heart rate and improve metabolism, this fusion of circuit training, full-body strength training, combining resistance and simulated drumming is sure to leave you breathless and burning calories all day long. Be prepared to burn between 400 and 900+ calories per hour, strengthen and sculpt muscles, and drum your way to a healthier you!

Check back for this class in Fall 2018!



Learn this classic style of dance in a fun atmosphere!

Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm



TRX (Total Resistance eXercise) uses gravity and body weight to your advantage in a wide variety of strengthening exercises. Great for all fitness levels!

Check back for this class in Fall 2018!


Cardio Dance Blast – New Class!

Salsa, Meringue and Cha-Cha those legs and booties into shape! This class is an introduction to several forms of Dance incorporating high-energy fitness, and will incorporate flexibility and strengthening benefits.

Thursday 7:15-8:15pm





Unlimited Class Pass – Winter Session:
Participate in as many classes as you can!
January 6th to June 7th, 2018
$522.00 (including GST)

5 & 10 Class Pass Cards also available!

Please note, all Pass Cards are non-transferable. Pass Cards do not carry over and are only valid within the session of purchase.

Registration fees:
Non-refundable / Applicable to all clients
Single – $31.50
Family – $42.00

The registration fee is an annual fee that expires July 31st of every dance season.

Our Child Minding Service allows adult members the opportunity to participate in classes with the assurance that their children are being cared for in a safe environment. Child care service is available during all of our daytime adult classes and is free for registered adult class pass participants. Drop-ins requiring child care are subject to a $5.25 fee per child, per class. 

Additional Child Minding information:
With books, colouring, and crafts to offer, we will occupy your children while you work out.  Please bring wipes, NUT FREE snacks, sippy cup or water bottle and toys for your child as you know best what they enjoy.

We do also ask, if your child is in diapers, that you change them before they arrive as we do not change diapers.

In order to protect the health and well-being of other members, children who are ill will not be accepted.

Who can take these classes?
Anyone and everyone! Our instructors modify each class to adhere to all fitness levels. No previous experience required.

What should I bring?
We supply all of the equipment necessary free of charge. Just bring yourself, your water, and appropriate footwear for the class!