COVID-19 Policies


Our return plan is based on guidelines set in place by Government Alberta and Alberta Health Services.

The safety of our dance families is of the utmost importance and our team wants to ensure that our re-opening is done as diligently as possible.  We are committed to continuing to provide a complete and safe dance experience by carefully reviewing the new guidelines.

  • Social distancing measures have been put in place in studios while in class, in order for dancers to train in their own personal space.
  • We are continuing to limit the number of participants in main areas, in order to maintain social distance and all cleaning practices can be met in between class change over.
  • Please note drop off and pick up for ALL is curbside only, until further notice.  Please be prepared for inclement weather. Dancers will enter through the front door, and EXIT through the studio door they will be training in directly to the outdoors.
  • We ask that dancers arrive 5 minutes or less before class and wait in their vehicle until they see our team at the front door.  We appreciate that you also ensure a prompt pick up right after class. At the end of class parents should pick up at the door their dancer was taking class in.  Doors are marked with specific pictures.
  • Please come dressed and ready to dance. Our change room is temporarily unavailable.  We ask dancers enter the studio with only a water bottle, and specific dance shoes. Please leave your larger dance bags at home. Outdoor shoes are not permitted in the studio.  Dancers will place their outdoor shoes on the mats and racks provided once in the studio.
  • Dancer’s will be provided hand sanitizer upon entry and when exiting the studio.
  • Our main front door will remain locked in between classes and the front desk will be accessible by phone 403-210-0188.  The student lounge areas and kitchen will also remain closed.
  • Dancers will have access to the family washroom, however we strongly suggest restroom use before arriving.
  • The main areas of our facility are equipped with floor arrows to show directional pathways and indicate appropriate physical distancing  (i.e. travelling in a counter clockwise direction; outside of the studios, waiting areas, lobby, hallways, washroom).
  • Each dancer will be given an area in their studio to drop their water bottle and will be assigned a specific dance space.
  • Our faculty and teachers will be assigned proper supplies for current COVID protocols. They will also undergo a daily pre-screen and symptoms check upon arrival to the studio.
  • Please ensure all belongings are labelled!
  • Please bring a full water bottle, however, our kitchen sink will be available for refilling and will be sanitized after each use. Our canteen is closed, and kitchen fridge and microwave are unavailable, so we recommend quick and easy snacks to be consumed in between classes.
  • Face coverings will be worn, by our faculty and administrative team members, for close contact in common areas, spotting dancers and any other situations where physical distancing cannot occur.
  • Face coverings are required for everyone when travelling in all common areas of the facility.   We ask that all dancers wear face coverings if using the restroom or moving in any common areas of the studios, in any hallways, bathroom or lounge areas.  Masks will not be provided by Absolute Dance Inc.
  • In the studio while dancing where participants are unable to adhere to physical distancing, cohorts of a total of 50 performers have been formed (see waiver).  Anyone entering our facility must answer ‘NO’ to all questions on the Wellness Check Waiver. 
  • Signage will be placed on all outside doors and around the facility to remind our dance families of proper COVID etiquette and hygiene.
  • Should any dancers, family members or current members living in their household
    have any symptoms of illness or have been ill in the previous two weeks, we kindly ask that you do not attend class (please refer to your waiver).  Waivers must be filled out, in order to participate.

These guidelines will remain in effect until further notice.


  • Credit or refund for your programs will be offered in the event of a Government mandated shut down longer than 60 days. Makeup classes will be offered for shut down shorter than 60 days.
  • Credit will only be available for all 6 week, fall and winter session programming.
  • Registration fee, and any costume fees and theatre fees associated with your dancer’s programs are NOT eligible for refund or credit.