Little Mermaid – 2023 Holiday Production

This is a sessional, ballet and performance based program, that can be paired with any other dance class. Dancers will spend their weeks preparing to take the stage for our annual Holiday Production and tell the story of Encanto. Fees include weekly classes (September 11 – December 16, 2023), performance costume and theatre rental. ($348 + $193 + $35).

This is a sessional program from September to December and is available to all students ages 3 & up.  Our Performance Team participants are required to be registered in any current full-year recital class at Absolute Dance Inc. Sessional programs do not qualify.  Exceptions are not made please do not ask. 


Saturday November 18th – 1st Blocking rehearsal for Holiday Presentation. Location & times TBA. Mandatory for all participants.
Sunday November 19th – 2nd Blocking rehearsal for Holiday Presentation at Absolute. Times TBA. Mandatory for all participants.
Friday November 24th – Holiday Presentation Dress Rehearsal. Location & times TBA. Mandatory for all participants.
Saturday November 25th – Holiday Presentation Performances.  Location & Show times TBA.

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